Art Conservation and Restoration Services

The services that Patina Studio offers include:

  • On-site or in-studio examination and consultation
  • Removal of surface dirt, discolored varnish, or overpaint
  • Paint consolidation and reconstruction of missing ground layer
  • Retouching and revarnishing
  • Repair of torn canvas or weakened panel supports
  • Strip-lining, and restretching of canvas
  • Condition survey before or after purchase of an art piece
  • Research into the history of an artwork and its subject matter

Olga Nikolic-Litwin approaches restoration with deference to the works themselves. For every painting and icon, Olga develops a thoughtful strategy that addresses your concerns, and honors the artist's intentions. An engagement typically begins with a consultation, followed by an in-depth examination and a written proposal outlining expected results and alternative treatments. Olga will deliver meticulous and customized restoration accompanied by a written report of the work done, with all stages of treatment documented by photographs.

Even small projects that do not need such detailed preparations and procedures will be approached with the same care and attention.

Most restoration treatments are done in Olga's studio located in the Upper East Side of New York City. Less complex treatments can be accomplished on-site as well.