Useful Resources on Art Conservation and Restorations

There are numerous web sites dedicated to the field of art restoration and conservation on the Internet today. Searching for “art restoration” or “paintings conservation”, one can get hundreds of sites. The conservation and restoration links listed below are written professionally while being easy to read and often visually rich for anyone interested in the topic.

  • The American Institute for Conservation of Cultural and Artistic Works

    It is very comprehensive and contains a variety of topics, e.g. codes and ethics of conservation practice, how to choose a conservator, definitions of conservation terminology and practical “housekeeping” advice about how to care for a variety of art objects.

  • Minneapolis Institute of Art

    Some of the great features of this page of the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s website are: visual daily logs of the paintings restoration process, a glossary of conservation terms, and a list of frequently asked questions about paintings conservation.

  • Getty Conservation Institute

    The site contains an enormous volume of information. One can even watch videos on various topics and see conservation projects around the world.

    The Institute is famous for its publications. In 1996, the Institute started to publish its Readings in Conservation series with Historical and Philosophical Issues in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. This book is a compilation of articles that have shaped our thinking about the conservation of cultural heritage in the Western tradition. In 2005, the Institute issued another book in the series, Issues in Conservation of Paintings. It contains more than seventy articles, some classic, some less known, from the 15th century to the present time, dealing with important themes in the history of the field.

  • Canadian Conservation Institute

    Visit the "Preserving My Heritage" link. Its "How to care for…" section contains a lot of useful information in the form of a 3D tour. The site shows how to take preventive care of not just works of art, but other treasured heirlooms and collectibles as well.

  • Ikons

    Created by an icon painter in Austin, Texas, the site gives a thorough history of icons from the earliest days of Christianity to the end of the 19th century. While this site does not specifically discuss conservation and restoration, the site covers topics such as the meaning of the icons and iconography as well as the technical details of icon painting. The secton on how icons are created is especially informative.