• "Olga did more than assure us that the restoration was possible: she described in detail what she would do, showed us illustrations of similar jobs, and gave us clear and reasonable estimates. At every step, Olga was professional and affirming. She provided photographs of the process, and her attitude throughout was warm, approachable, and compassionate."

    A.K. from Chicago, IL
  • "I love working with Olga because she’s so collaborative. She makes the technical decisions (what must be repaired, using which technique), and invites you to participate in the softer choices (for example, how much missing paint should be filled in.) Her work is both science and art."

    J.C. from Brooklyn, NY
  • "I found an entirely new exciting adventure to add to my passion for collecting: watching a neglected piece of art brought to life and restored to glory. It’s like finding a pretty rock and discovering a sparkling gem within. I brought Olga a painting for restoration that was nearly ready for the trash can: most of the piece was peeling away from the canvas. I expected that Olga would stabilize the painting and make it more presentable. What she did blew me away."

    R.S. from New York, NY
  • "Sometimes, I can’t remember what the icon looked like before Olga restored it — except that it disturbed me because of raw and painful-looking damage. Olga took the icon through a healing process, such that it now appears at peace with itself. She has achieved the goal of repairing the damage without leaving distracting hints of the restoration treatment. Yet, the icon is filled with Olga's love which, along with her professionalism, is the essence of her work."

    N.G. from Phoenix, AZ
  • "Olga has cleaned and restored three paintings for me, each very different and each beautifully. She brought a 19th-century portrait back to life, cleaning it and revealing long-hidden colors. She improved the condition of a very large piece of Op Art, making a house call to do so. And she literally saved the life of a 17th-century portrait on a wooden board, securing paint that was cracked and lifted, stabilizing the entire work. I wouldn't go to anyone else!"

    A.G. from Queens, NY
  • "I want to thank you for the meticulous work you have done over years, restoring many of the paintings that grace the walls of my house.

    A year ago, I had an unexpected calamity in my living room, when a radiator leaked, sending steam into the room and damaging a number of art pieces. One painting, an early German portrait on wood, buckled and the paint cracked, but you managed to restore it without the slightest hint of a break in the painting.

    Your expertise as well as your care gave me back the grace of my home!"

    S.M. from Nutley, NJ