Dutch Landscape with a River Scene

  • Artist unknown; 18th century (?)
  • Oil on wood panel|Private collection, New York City

Painting restoration: treatment of flaking paint

    • Dutch Landscape - Before
    • 1. Before painting conservation. The painting has a yellowed and dulled varnish that was applied during a previous restoration treatment. The original paint and ground layers, as well as the retouching from previous treatments, are sporadically flaking.

    • Dutch Landscape - Detail
    • 2. Before painting conservation. A detail from the lower left corner shows the flaking of the original paint and ground layers, caused by shifts in the wood panel and possibly by excessive heat.

    • Dutch Landscape - Process
    • 3. During painting conservation. The yellowed varnish was removed; the flaking was consolidated; and new fillings (visible as white patches) were put wherever the ground layer was missing. Old, discolored retouchings were removed as well.

    • Dutch Landscape - After
    • 4. After painting conservation. The abraded and missing paint layer has been retouched. A new varnish has been applied.