Peasant Girl

  • Abraham Efimovich Arkhipov (Russian); 1920s
  • Oil on canvas|Private collection, New York City

Painting restoration: treatment of torn canvas

    • Peasant Girl - Before
    • 1. Before painting restoration. Two long tears run across the middle area of the canvas.

    • Peasant Girl - Canvas
    • 2. Before painting restoration. A view from the back of the painting clearly shows the extent of the torn canvas as well as its deformation.

    • Peasant Girl - Process
    • 3. During painting restoration. The canvas tears were flattened and repaired. Along the tears, a chalk filling was applied. The painting was surface-cleaned from grime and soot.

    • Peasant Girl - After
    • 4. After painting restoration. The damaged areas of the painting were retouched and varnished.